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Following is the list of Known Competitive Cricket Teams in Indiana
Youth teams and school teams are not listed on this page.
Softball team(s) & information as provided by the team(s) / tournament host.

City Team Name Action Years Description & Honors
Angola * TSU XI 1969-1972 Recreational Game played during 4th of July Weekend visiting team consists of Players from Detroit & Chicago
Bloomington * IUBCC Since 2010 2013 Champions - IAC Columbus Cricket Cup
2012 Meets Yuvraj Singh, Man of the series - ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
2012 The club gained 'A' - Club Status with Club Sport Federation (Indiana University)
2012 Champions - PSA Briscoe Tape Tennis Ball Tournament
2012 Champions - Fort Wayne Warriors Cricket Cup
2012 Champions - Legends Cup
2012 Champions - ISA Cricket Tournament (Louisville, KY)
2012 Champions - Fort Wayne Warriors Cricket Cup II
2012 Organized Hoosier Cup 2012 (20 teams participated)
2011 invited to inaugural Mayor's Challange Cup at World Sports Park in Indianapolis lost to Purdue University
2011 Finalist - Cool Creek Cricket Tournament
2011 Organized 2nd Hoosier Cup (12 Teams)
2010 Finalist - IFC Cricket Tournament
2010 Hosted 1st Hoosier Cup (8 Teams) - Since than hosting every year
2009 Finalist - IFC Cricket Tournament
Bloomington ** IUCC 1992 - 2001 2001 only year they participated in MCT with out making Play offs
Columbus *** CICC-1 Since 2000 2000 Founder & Captain Sami Khan
2000 - 2001 Team started playing competetive cricket at Ceraland. Captain - Jatin Patel
2001 started Playing MCT Lost in Pre Quarter Final in their Very first year - Captain Khuram Shah
2002 Team participated in MCC Night Tourney - did not qualify for play offs - Captain Khuram Shah
2003 Team Participated in NW Indiana based United Cricket Conference and bacome Champions - Captain Khuram Shah
2011 - MCT Finalist Team captain - Abishek Muralidharan
2012 - MCT Champions - become 3rd team from Indiana to win MCT - Team Captain - Abishek Muralidharan, MCT MVP - Abhijeet Nande, MOM - final -Madhur Kaushik
2014 - MCT Titan Cup T20 Finalist Team Captain - Abhinav Pandey
2014 - MCT Finalist Team Captain - Abhinav Pandey
Columbus *** CICC-2 Since 2012 2014 - MCT Champions - become 4th team from Indiana to win MCT - Team Captain - Varun Sood, MOM - Final - Monil Goklani
Carmel* Challengers Since 2014 Founder & Captain - Gaurav Awasthi
Carmel* Cool Creek 2004-2008 Founder & Captain - Arif Hussain
Fisher* Cool Creek 2009-2012 2010 Hoosier Cup Champions
Hosts 4 to 6 Tournaments every year
Founder & Captain - Arif Hussain
Eller Cricket Club Since 1997
Indy Cricket Club Since 1997 Captain: Saqlain Abbas
2015 IUBCC Cup Champions
Evansville* USICC *
Fort Wayne ** FWCC 1996 - 2003 competed in MCT
to Play Final of MCT during 2000 - Lost to ECC.
Fort Wayne * Panthers 2011-2012
Fort Wayne * Warriors Since 2009 2013 Finalist - Fort Wayne Tournament
2011 Champions - Indy Legends Tournament, Avon IN.
2011 Finalist - Fort Wayne Tournament & Cool Creek, Carmel IN
2010 - Hosted Fort Wayne Cricket Cup - Since then hosting every year in May and July. ( Two Tournaments each year)
Hammond *** HCC ? - ?
Indianapolis *** CCI - Old 1967 - 2001 During summer of 1967 - Cricket Club of Indianapolis started playing cricket.
CCI was registered with Secretary of state, Indiana on 4/13/1973 & become inactive on 1/1/1978
to play out of state /Country (Canada) competitive Cricket
to become USACA member
Founders Bhagwan (Bhagu) C Patel, Mohan Hari, Abu Kapadia & Late Naren Patel
Indianapolis ** CCI - New Since 2010 Captain Parag Pandya, Chairman Bala Krishnamurthy
2014 - MCT-T20 Finalist, Team Captain - Prasenjit Singh
2016 - MCT-35 Div II Champions, Team Captain Mohsin Kapadia
Indianapolis ** DSC - Dasmesh Sports Club Since 2015 Captain Dee Sandhu
Indianapolis ** PCC - Pendu Cricket Club Since ? Captain Parabhjeet Singh
Indianapolis ** SCC - Samurai cricket club Since 2016 Captain Parabhjeet Singh
Indianapolis ** IWCC - Indiana Warriors CC Since 2017 Captain Amarjit Singh
Indianapolis *** GCCUSA - Bouncer XI 2002 - 2004 to win MCT championship during their very first year
Captain for the season - Jatin Patel & Manager Suren Patel
Champions - Miami Valley Tristate Cricket Tournament & Springfield, ILL Invitation
Season MVP - Devin Patel
Indianapolis *** GCCUSA - Bouncers 2002 - 2004 to Play MCC & become Div II Champions in Only season played.
captain Sanjay Patel - Club Chairman Jatin Patel
to Qualify to Play for Div I in MCC
Indianapolis * Indy CC 1989-1994 Kishor Patel & Bharat Patel - Indy Volleyball Group.
Indianapolis * Indy Legends Since 2011 2012 & 2013 Hosted Indy Legends Cup in Indianapolis - 2nd in Avon
Hosts two tournaments every year
2013 Champions - 2013 Indy Legends Cup
2013 Champions - Fort Wayne Tournament
2012 Champions - Hoosier Cup 3 - IUBCC Bloomington, IN
2012 Finalist - Fort Wayne Tournament
2012 Finalist - Columbus, OH Tournament
2011 Champions - Cool Creek, Carmel
2012 Champions - Columbus -2, OH Tournament
2011 Hosted Indy Legends Cup in Avon
2011 Champions - Fort Wayne Tournament
2011 Champions - Dayton, OH Tournament
2011 Champions - Louisville, KY Tournament
2011 Champions - Cool Creek -1, Carmel
2011 Champions - Columbus, OH Tournament
2011 Champions - Indy Legends, Avon
2011 Finalist - Fort Wayne-2
Indianapolis * IUPUI JAGUARS Since 2011 2012 Champions - 2012 Indy Legends Cup Night Tourney
Indianapolis* Mavericks ? ?
Indianapolis * Patel Pride ? ?
Indianapolis *** SUN XI
By Sun Development
2003 Only to Play MCC Night Tournament
to rach Final in their only season they played
Beat the well known Chicago CC twice to reach finals
captain Sanjay Patel - Club Chairman Jatin Patel
Kokomo ** KCC 1992 - 2001 to make full capacity cricket ground at Delco Park in 1994
to win out of state competitive tournament.
Champions - Southern Illinois Invitaion Tourney in Champaign IL during 2001
captains Navin Moonasinghe & Mahendra Gunawardane during the regular season.
Jatin Patel lead the 8 players KCC team during the Final with out any local Players from Kokomo
MVP - Devin Patel
Muncie* BSU XI ? ?
South Bend** NDCC ? ?
Warsaw* Warriors ? ?
West Lafayette *** PUCC Since 1979 1999 Rahul Desai reformed PUCC with the vision to expand club to play competetive cricket
2001 competed in the MCT 1st time & did not qualify for the Play offs
2007 PUCC become the 2nd team from Indiana to win MCT Championship - Beat Cobca XI in the finals - Team Captain - Vijay Parmeshwaran
2004 become the 2nd team from Indiana to Play MCC & did not qulify for play offs during their 1st year
2005 become 2nd team from Indiana to win MCC Div II Championship and qualified to Play for Div I in MCC. Team Captain - ?
2012 remained only team from Indiana to Play in MCC Div I - did not qualify for play offs & did not compete in MCT.
2011 Champions - inaugural Mayor's Challange Cup at World Sports Park in Indianapolis - beat IU

*** Play(ed) Approved / Sanctioned League / Tournament
** Play(ed) Other Competitive League / Tournament
* Play(ed) Recreational Tennis Ball cricket league /Tournament (8v8 Cricket Rules are Modified to play at Baseball /Softball Parks)
MCT - Columbus Ohio Based Midwest Cricket Tournament - team competes from IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, & WV
MCC - Chicago based Midwest Cricket Coneference - USACA sanctioned USA's Largest League in terms of teams and area
= Indicates First ever team from Indiana

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